Plunge Bras And Why You Need One!

Plunge Bras And Why You Need One!
by Bras Honey on April 16, 2021

Plunge Bras And Why You Need One!

A plunge style bra offers a natural lift more subtle than a push-up bra. Push-up bras typically have padding at the bottom of the cup to bring your breasts inwards and upwards for a noticeable lift, often adding the appearance of a full cup size or more. Whereas a plunge bra draws your breasts together from the center of the cup. 

Since the cups on the plunge style are a little more narrow and angled, they’re ideal for women who have breasts that are shallow either at the top or all over.

What is a Plunge Bra?

One of the benefits of plunge bras is that they are perfect for all your dresses and tops with deeper necklines. A plunge bra offers a deep v-neckline and flattering cut that perfectly hugs your curves.

Eliminates poking:

Instead of a wire that goes all the way from your side to the center of your chest, the wire in a plunge cup is shorter, resulting in less poking and prodding. 

Plunge bras feature much shorter wires which makes them more comfortable. 

Offers more coverage:

The deeper-v in a plunge style bra will actually give you more cup coverage at the top, especially with the mesh overlay. In fact, if you’re larger breasted and worry about cup overflow, this bra provides the “safety-mesh” you’re looking for. 


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