Stop Staining Your Clothes With Leakproof Panties!

Stop Staining Your Clothes With Leakproof Panties!
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on December 02, 2021

As women, we have to deal with a monthly demon in our bellies called a Period. This ailment not only causes us physical pain but takes a hit on our confidence by making us bloated and sickly for weeks at a time. It is unfair that we, as women, must deal with this alone, but alas, we are stuck with it for decades of our lives. Our monthly bleeding can cause an assortment of problems, making us stain all of our pants and underwear and causing us to spend money we don’t have. We have very little options when it comes to taking care of this monthly bleeding, whether you wear a pad or tampon.

Here at Bras & Honey, we are happy to introduce leak proof panties, a wonder of the female community. These panties are designed to hold in liquid and prevent and leaking or staining throughout the duration of your period.

Leak proof panties are made with a super absorbent material that reaches super far from front to back, offering full coverage during your period. This material will help to wick away moisture and liquid quickly and efficiently, keeping you feeling dry and preventing any bleeding through. The most embarrassing scenario in the world for women in modern day is walking around with a period stain on your rear. No woman should ever have to face this embarrassment. With these panties, your fears should subside.  

Leak proof panties should be with a tampon if you flow is heavy, as these panties are not made to act as a pad by itself. The absorbent material can prevent leaking but cannot hold a heavy flow. It is best to wear these panties by themselves on a light to medium day and wear them with a tampon on your heavy days.

To care for this underwear and make the most use out of them, you can wear them throughout the day and let them collect liquid. Then at night, you should rinse the panties with warm water to drain all the blood from them, and you may even want to use laundry soap if available. You can also throw them in the laundry and do a load before bed each night, but to save some water, you may just want to hand wash them. We have delicate wash available here at Bras & Honey if you would like to use a soap designed to keep delicate garments intact. We carry our wash in 3- and 12-ounce bottles, depending on how much you need.

Periods are the bane of a woman’s existence. But we are here to make the process easier. These panties are built to take care of you and prevent any embarrassment with stained clothes and leaky pads. You can’t always rely on a tampon to soak everything up and pads can feel clunky and uncomfortable between your legs. We guarantee that with these period panties, you will feel fresh throughout the day and stay unstained throughout your period.



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