Virtual Bra Fitting

Virtual Bra Fitting
by Bras Honey on February 22, 2021

At Bras and Honey we understand how hard it's to find a store that does a bra fitting that's why we have created a Virtual Bra Fitting so you can fit yourself while being in the comfort of your home. 

The beauty of a virtual fit is that they can take place from anywhere in the world. This is ideal if you are unable to make it into our shop, you are limiting how often you go out due to the pandemic. You do not have a boutique that is close by that you can go to, or you are shy and want to do it in surrounding that make you comfortable. 

Why is it important to get professionally measured?

A bra fitting is about getting the best shape of bra for your body shape. Often women think they'll wear a different size in different shapes, but this is wrong. A bra fitter can help you get fitted correctly, which sometimes means a different size cup to what you are wearing.

How often should we be measured?

We recommend you come in for a bra fitting every six-12 months, as we change our size if we put weight on or lose weight, and with age or you may have just had a baby and your breasts have changed and you need a fitting.

What are the benefits of finding the right bra make to your appearance?

A good fitting bra will help your posture, give you confidence in your outerwear, and even make you look slimmer and discover your waist again. If you have a special occasion bring your outfit to your bra fit appointment and we can fit your bra with your outfit.  The most common problem that ladies get wrong is the underband. The second most common mistake is wearing a cup too small.

What should we wear or bring to prepare? 

We measure your underband. The rest of the fit is by visually assessing your body shape and where your breast tissue in on your body. We prefer you to wear a bra as it lifts your breast tissue into the correct place and our bra fitters can give you your size from that assessment. Do not worry if the bra you are wearing does not fit you, are fitters can see beyond that for you.

We'll chat and advise then we help you to find your ideal size. Unfortunately there is no you are this size now that you have determined your size. In the bra world all bras and brand fit differently and this is where we can help, my team and I have over 20 years experience in fitting bras and understanding bra brands and what shapes will work with which breast shapes.

How the cup sizes will work and fit and you will benefit from my opinion on how your current bras also fit. Our team will also make suggestions with regards to brands and styles.



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The undergarments you wear should never interfere with your day-to-day activities—in fact, they should fit so comfortably that you forget you're even wearing them. If that sounds impossible, there's a good chance you haven't been wearing the right size. Fortunately, learning how to measure your bra size doesn't take long.



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