Virtual Fitting at Bras & Honey

Virtual Fitting at Bras & Honey
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 03, 2021

Virtual Fitting at Bras & Honey 

Have you been fitted for a bra lately? It is so important that you are always wearing the right size bra and are being correctly supported. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause all kinds of problems such as back and shoulder pain, breast pain, slouching, digging, and rubbing. You should be getting sized at least once every six months, if not every time your weight fluctuates. Wearing the right size bra can be beneficial in many ways. The lift a bra will give you will take ten pounds off your waist and give you that beautiful hourglass shape. Here at Bras & Honey, we fit people into bras all day and we see the lasting effects of a well-fitting bra. As someone with breasts, you should care for them like it’s a part of your personal hygiene routine.

Now you may be thinking: I live all the way across the country from your store, how could I get fitted? 

No matter your circumstance, whether you are in the next state over, disabled, have too much social anxiety, or whatever it may be, we can help you. 

Here at Bras & Honey we offer something called a Virtual Fitting. In this fitting you will be meeting online, one on one, with our store owner, Nicola Crook. The process is simple. With a one-time fee of $175, you will get multiple online visits with Nicola where she will coach you through the steps. After these meetings you will get to keep three bras of your choosing and you will have a fresh set of new perfectly fitting bras.

First, you will be sized for a bra. Nicola will help you in measuring yourself and asking questions about how your current bra fits and where you got it. You will need a measuring tape and yourself in this step. After you have been sized, we will send you three or four bras in the mail to try on. Then, in the next meeting, you will try on the bras for Nicola, and she will ask you to show her many different angles of the fit. She will analyze how the bras are fitting to your breast shape and give you tips on how to adjust the bra. Nicola will carefully adjust your size and style to find you the best form fitting bra that looks and feels the best on you. If any of these bras fit beautifully, you can keep them! If they don’t fit or you don’t like the style, you can send them back and we will send you the correct one. After multiple meetings with Nicola, you should have at least three bras that fit you perfectly and match your personal style. The bras you keep are included in your initial $175.

Getting virtually fitted is easy and very thorough. You will have a new set of perfectly fitting bras and you will look and feel your best. Visit us at to set up your first virtual fit.


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