What's With All These Different Sizes? (US vs UK)

What's With All These Different Sizes? (US vs UK)
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 04, 2021


Bras have the most versatile and detailed sizes out of any clothing product out there, next to finely measured suits. Understanding all these different sizes is already a challenge, and now, you have to think about what country it is from! Have you ever spotted a European bra shop that only sells UK sizes? You can't simply shop for a 42DDD in one of these shops because you'll be looking forever. Here at Bras & Honey, we carry US and UK sizes, educating all of our storefront workers on which is which. Today, I'm here to educate you as well. 

So why is it important to get to know your fellow countries special sizing chart? 

Getting to know UK sizes isn’t too hard once you get a hold of it. Many shops here in the USA sell UK or European bras alongside their US counterparts. If you walk into a boutique like ours, the conversation will probably go like this: 

“What size is the bra you are wearing right now, or do you know your size already?”

“I’m a 42G.”

“Is that a 42G UK or US?”


Hopefully at this point, the person assisting you will direct you to the fitting room where you will be properly sized depending on the store’s preference.

UK sized bras are known for delivering fashionable, comfortable, and supportive full bust bras. Brands like Elomi, Panache, Freya, and PrimaDonna offer cup sizes up to K cups. It is important to know that band size is the same across the board. Usually in the US in general “big corporation” stores, you will probably find bands 30-40. In small shops and specialty stores, you can find bands as low as 26 and as high as 56! It’s a whole new world when you open your eyes to UK sizing.

Now for the comparison, UK and US cups only match up for so long. For example, a 34D in the US and a 34D in the UK will be virtually the same size. The same can’t be said for a 34F.

Here is a quick chart to help you see how the sizes compare (the left being US sizing and the right being UK sizing):

A = A

B = B

C = C

D = D


(Now here’s where things get difficult…)



H = FF

I = G

J = GG

K = H

L = HH

M = J

N = JJ

O = K    

You’ll notice that the US sizing skips E and the UK skips I.

So why do you need this chart? Well, it’s important to see the other side of bras and the options ahead of you so that you can make the right choice. The UK is known for their “outside the box” fashion and luxurious products, giving you a world of options and basically making it impossible to walk out of the store empty handed.

With this chart and all this information, you should have no problem pinpointing your perfect size on either side of the globe. Happy shopping!



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