Back Rolls?? Here's How To Hide Them With Your Bra

Back Rolls?? Here's How To Hide Them With Your Bra
by Bras Honey on May 21, 2021

Back Rolls?? Here's How To Hide Them With Your Bra

Everyone in the world has body fat, it's just a fact. Some people have more than others and that is okay! What's important is that you look and feel your best, no matter your size. A very common problem amongst women and their bras is the issue of back fat and how the band of your bra may emphasize it. As women, we want a beautiful, smooth silhouette, and sometimes, bras with a small band or bras that don't fit correctly can ruin that perfect illusion. I have a few tips and trick to help you find your perfect shape. 

Firstly, you should buy a bra with a large, wide band. Some bras have small, thin bands, and for our large chested ladies, we know this only causes bulging and digging. Wearing a wide band will help cover as much surface as possible and will help smooth the back. A wide band will also offer more support, taking the pressure off your back and shoulders and giving you better posture. This is an example of a wide band that will help smooth out your back fat. 

Your next option is to make sure you have adjusted your breasts into the cups correctly. Sometimes, you will have spillage in the armpit area and out the sides. You simply have to grab the breast and pull it inward so that your entire breast is sat inside the cup. This will help keep any breast tissue or fat out of your sides and will create a more rounded, perky look. It sounds simple, but it really works wonders. 

Now, something to avoid is wearing the wrong band size. Obviously, a band that is too small will squeeze you and will be extremely uncomfortable. But, something many people don't know is that wearing a band that is too big can be just as damaging. An oversized band can hinder your ability to sit up straight and can cause the breasts to pull down on the shoulders, giving you a hunchback. It also pushes the fat upward on your back and creates a lumpy look. It's very important that you find your true bra size either with a Bra Size Chart or with a quick tutorial

My last piece of advice is to get yourself a racerback, racerback convertible, bra. These bras are designed to keep you snug and secure and prevents your straps from falling or being too loose. A racerback is a great option as it will stretch diagonally across your back and squeeze you into a perfect silhouette.

You can even purchase a racerback converter clip! This makes it easy to transform any of your favorite bras into this style, giving you the freedom to keep your current collection instead of purchasing an entirely new bra. 



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